About us


Our company was formed in 2004. For 10 years we have been providing services connected with the assembly of aluminium, glass and steel structures:

  • facades for buildings of all kinds (e.g. glass, ventilated)
  • windows
  • skylights
  • door
  • partition walls
  • verandahs
  • winter gardens
  • balustrades
  • balconies
  • display cases
  • elevation blinds


Assembly of fire-proof structures:

  • facades
  • door
  • windows
  • illumination


Additionally, we offer glazing, disassembly of existing structures and services of the work at heights: washing and maintenance of the elevation and climbing services.



We have at our disposal a team of qualified, experienced and permanent employees. We pay special attention to the quality, high standard and the promptness of performing orders.


We call for taking advantage of our services.